Past events at the cottage:

Meet the artist: Ellie Chaney, 10am-2pm, Wednesday 9th May 2018

Ellie Chaney’s project blog is up and running, and her initial research has kindled an interest in Sir John Barrow’s wife Anna Maria Truter,  a noted botanical illustrator.  As is often the case, her story has been neglected despite her achievements and skill, and examples of her work are hard to find. You can read Ellie’s account and follow her progress here.

Meet the artist: Alex Blackmore, 10am-2pm, Friday 11th May 2018

Alex is an outdoor celebration artist, who operates in an area where celebration, ceremony and ritual overlap, and where the reasons for what we do are often thought lost, but may be evident in the detail and poetry of the event. He has begun work on a version of the macabre and flamboyant ‘obby ‘oss, which can be seen in various incarnations around the country adding an unreadable and disruptive presence to May Day and other celebrations. You can see his work in progress at the event.

Past events at the cottage:

  • Ghost Stories – Three evenings of seasonal ghost stories were held at 7pm on 5th, 6th, and 7th December. The event was run by Iain McNicol, Karen Mason, and John Hall.